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       日期:2020-04-03     瀏覽:181    評論:0    
    核心提示:今日,北京國際汽車展覽會宣布,原定于2020年4月在北京舉辦的2020(第十六屆)北京國際汽車展覽會(AUTO CHINA 2020)將延期至20

    今日,北京國際汽車展覽會宣布,原定于2020年4月在北京舉辦的2020(第十六屆)北京國際汽車展覽會(AUTO CHINA 2020)將延期至2020年9月26日-10月5日在北京中國國際展覽中心新、老展館舉行,設在中國國際展覽中心老館的國內外零部件和新能源汽車展區的舉辦時間是2020年9月28日-9月30日。


    Notice on the Rescheduled Date

    of AUTO CHINA 2020

    April 3, 2020

    Dear exhibitors, partners and visitors,

    In light of the serious challenges posted by the COVID-19 pandemic, after close consultation with the relevant parties, we, on behalf of the Organizing Committee of the 2020 (16th) Beijing International Automobile Exhibition (AUTO CHINA 2020), have decided to postpone the auto show which was initially planned at the new and old venues of China International Exhibition Center (CIEC) in April this year so as to effectively protect the health and safety of exhibitors and spectators. The AUTO CHINA 2020 is rescheduled to the following date--September 26 to October 5, 2020. The new CIEC venue mainly displays passenger cars and commercial vehicles at home and abroad with a full exhibition period, while the old CIEC pavilions are largely reserved for domestic and international auto parts and new energy vehicles with the exhibition duration of September 28-30, 2020.

    The spread of the pandemic has entailed the world economy comprehensive shocks. At this difficult time, it has become the consensus and belief of the global auto industry to firmly boost the morale and collaboration to maintain the stability of the world economy. We believe that AUTO CHINA 2020 is destined to be an extraordinary exhibition in the sense of not only an industry grand gathering to display the latest achievements and promote the trade and exchange of the global auto industries, but also an important moment to witness the colleagues across the global auto sector working together, uniting their efforts, overcoming the difficulties and revitalizing the industry!

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the change of the exhibition date due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We will pay close attention to the impact of the pandemic, and spare no efforts in organizing and serving the exhibition to facilitate the disease prevention and control.

    Thank you for your attention.

    China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Automotive Sub-Council

    China National Machinery Industry

    International Co., Ltd.

    China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation

    China Society of Automotive Engineers


    24小時咨詢熱線021-6730 0068





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